BCK presents: NIGHTS Conference

The NIGHTS is the most important conference in Europe regarding urban leisure activities, especially at night. The NIGHTS-conference invites all people involved in leisure, nightlife, and festival culture, independently if they represent the industry, science, politics, culture or administration, to take part.

All BCK presents: NIGHTS Conference

Nights Conference: Alcohol Conference, Part I

Nights Conference: How to deal with Mediterraneanisation

Nights Conference: Safety@Night

Nights Conference: Alcohol Conference, Part II

Nights Conference: Closing - Hand over to Public Day

Nights Conference: Verhältnisprävention im Wandel?

Nights Conference: Leisure Activities 2022

Nights Conference: Raver:innen der Gegenwart - Musik, Fashion, Kultur, Konsum

Nights Conference: Sportevents, Violence and Drugs

Nights Conference: Opening

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