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et . nu stands for a volcanic eruption. Hot lava rock. Liquid. Energy. Golden. It also implies being naked, a sensual, or sexual connection to life. Simplicity and honesty: the main ingredients for good art.
Et . nu took its beginning on the day they met. On stage at a gig in Paris. A little hungover, slightly sceptical. Hungry, as experienced musicians are when they go on stage with someone new. That night, when Lea opened her mouth and her voice merged with the bass line, it happened. Anyone who was there could attest to it. Something buzzed through the room and hung in the air between the musicians, the audience and between the two of them. Like incense. Almost tangible. Whether it was an energy, a spark or chemistry - it doesn't really matter! This something was there, and it was magical!
In no time at all, the two woke up together as fresh lovers. A little later they were a permanent couple. The better they got to know each other, the clearer it became that this something, this love, this shared thirst for life, was the music. Because when you're really in tune with life, it's like a resonance, a vibration on a cellular level. So it made sense to transform this something into sound and record it.
Lea Maria Fries VocalsJulien Herné BassStanislas Augris Drum Kit
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