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Got any questions that are not answered on this page? Then please send an email to and we will try to provide a personalized answer as quickly as possible.

Tickets can be purchased through our ticketing partner Smeetz, via Just click on the concert or party of your choice, click "Buy ticket" (on the right hand side) and select your desired ticket category.
Write an email to stating your name, the desired concert and the email address you used for buying the ticket. We will send you another ticket.
No. Moods charges the same price for all tickets. There is no guaranteed seating.
Absolutely. We offer group discounts for groups of 10 people or more. Please register in advance at
If you have a paper voucher, please send an email to providing information as to which event you would like to attend. We will then make a reservation for you. Once confirmed, you can redeem the voucher at the box office.If you have a digital voucher, please follow the instructions that come with it.
If you are unable to attend the concert (for which you have already purchased tickets) due to sudden illness, please immediately send us an email at request, we can issue vouchers with the same purchase value. However, no refund will be given.
No. Tickets that have been purchased cannot be canceled. If you are unable to attend the concert for which you have purchased tickets, please send an email to
As soon as the band has provided all the necessary information and the concert is visible online, tickets can be purchased.
Moods offers the following discounts:
  • ZKB customer card (2 persons) 20% discount
  • Zürich Card 10% discount
  • Carte Blanche (2 persons) CHF 5.-- reduction
  • IV / student / pupil CHF 5.-- reduction
  • Children up to 12 years free
  • Children 12 - 16 years 50% reduction
Disabled parking is available at Schiffbauplatz, Schiffbaustrasse 6 and in the Schiffbau car park. There is a public lift from the car park to the ground floor where Moods is located. The lower floor of the club is at ground level and accessible without steps. There is a disabled toilet which can be accessed with a Eurokey. The bar is not accessible and is approximately 1.20 metres high. Sensory stimuli: Most concerts are accompanied by moving lights and smoke. For sold-out or well-attended concerts, it is worth getting there early.Are you unable to stand for that long or do you need other assistance with your visit? Contact us by email or phone: or 044 276 80 00.
Doors usually open one hour before the beginning of the concert. Differing times may be possible, in which case they will be communicated accordingly on the ticket and on our website,
Admission as well as consumption at the bar can be paid in cash, with credit card or Twint. For purchasing merchandise like records, CDs, T-shirts and more, it is advised to have sufficient cash with you.
Access to Moods is via the main entrance of the Schiffbau on Schiffbauplatz. Parking is available under the Hardbrücke bridge and in the Pfingstweid/Hardstrasse car park.Parking for people with disabilities: There is one disabled parking space each at Schiffbauplatz, Schiffbaustrasse 6 and in the Schiffbau car park. There is a public lift from the car park to the ground floor where Moods is located.
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Depending on the type of music and in consultation with the musicians, all concerts take place in front of either a standing or a seated audience. For concerts in front of a standing audience, there is only a small number of seats on the side of the stage, at the bar or in the gallery (if open). In this case, it is advised to arrive early to reserve a seat.There will also be space for standing at concerts where the majority of the audience is seated. Here, too, it is advised to arrive early to reserve the seat of your choice. If you are in need of a seat due to health issues, please send an e-mail in advance to:
Yes. When there are concerts or parties, service will be provided at the bar as soon as doors open. Please be advised that the food selection is limited to sandwiches and samosas.
Should you wish to have a proper meal before the concert, you will find many different options nearby, as there are many good restaurants in the area. Right next door, within the Schiffbau building, you will find the restaurant La Salle, which provides very good, upscale cuisine. Prices are rather high but Moods members and guests with a valid ticket for that day's concert get a 10% discount.
Concerts: Children under 12 years of age, accompanied by an adult, are admitted to Moods free of charge. Young people between the ages of 12 and 16 pay half price, but will only be allowed into Moods if accompanied by an adult.Parties: Admission from 18 years or according to specified age. Different age restrictions may apply for special events.
Please send an email providing details to As soon as we find your item we will contact you.
Yes, however, flash photography is not allowed. People taking photos using a flash will be cautioned. People wanting to take pictures using large professional cameras, should get in touch beforehand with the program management (who will check with the performing musicians). Please send your request providing details to: .
We adhere to the guidelines of the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health of the Swiss Confederation) with regard to the sound volume at concerts. In addition, earplugs are always available free of charge in the club.
Federal Office of Public HealthFederal Office of Public Health FOPH
With a Moods membership, you will get free or reduced admission to all concerts organized by the association "Jazz Verein Moods". Moods members have their own quota, meaning that they may attend concerts even when they are sold out. Moods members will automatically be enlisted as members of the association "Jazz Verein Moods", and thus be invited to the annual general meeting and have voting rights.In addition, Moods members receive a 10% discount at the nearby LaSalle restaurant.
With a Moods Abo, you have guaranteed admission to every event up to 30 minutes before the concert starts. In case of sold-out concerts, Moods Abos may be contingent (approx. 10 times per year). Contingent concerts are marked on the website with "Member-Reservation". You can make a reservation by clicking on the button "Buy tickets". At the bottom of the ticket selection you will find "Member Reservation".
Member Reservation
Memberships can be cancelled by sending an email to Please note that any memberships that have not been cancelled by the end of September will automatically be renewed for another calendar year.
Log in under "Login" or create an account. Then you can redeem the streaming voucher in your account.
You can find all our subscriptions through the following link.
Streaming subscription
The live stream will start right at the beginning of the concert. On the streaming page, the button "Start streaming" will appear at the concert.Alternatively, the event can also be called up via the starting page, where there is also a button with "start streaming".
You can find all the latest information about our program on our website. All our events are also published on Facebook and "Kulturzüri". A printed program is published every two months. If you would like to have it sent to you, please let us know by e-mail:

We also publish a newsletter that will keep you informed about our program and other news.