Bigi's Conzert Tip: Ben LaMar Gay Ensemble

Brigitta Grimm03-17-2023

Ben LaMar Gay is currently emerging as a ubiquitous and influential artist in Chicago progressive jazz: after appearances on Makaya McCraven's "Highly Rare" and Jaimie Branch's "Fly Or Die," he now creates a stirring body of work with his latest album, "Open Arms To Open Us," which is making waves.

On it he mixes us a pan-American magic potion of jazz, nu-jazz, electronica, tropicalia, blues and even throat singing. At the same time, electronic sounds that could have sprung from Radiohead's "Kid A" or the IDM and ambient realm of the turn of the millennium can be heard again and again. "Open Arms to Open Us" is an album with poetic lyrics and unusual percussive constructions, for immersion and empathy until our heads smoke. It challenges us listeners - without being elitist - and provides honest goosebumps moments.

Enjoy Ben LaMar Gay Ensemble live:

    • Ben LaMar Gay Ensemble

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