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Isabelle Tschäppeler10-20-2022

You always wanted to know what information we use to decide which bands play at Moods? In the following text you will learn what we need from you and how we handle the booking.

First of all, thank you for your interest in playing at Moods. Moods always tries to put together a programme that is as diverse and exciting as possible. We pay special attention to the Swiss and especially the local music scene. At least 50% of the performing musicians live in Switzerland. Moods mainly hosts jazz, blues, funk, soul and global sounds as well as rap, pop/rock, electro events and parties. Before you apply to Moods with your band, please read the following information carefully.
  • Please send requests only to
  • You will then receive an automated mail with the upcoming programme deadlines.
  • All requests will be screened by a team of several people from this email address.
  • Moods runs from mid-September to mid-June, with a summer break in between.
  • No concerts can be booked on Wednesdays, as the JazzBaragge takes place.
  • Please include direct links to music (Spotify, Youtube, etc.), videos, live videos and specific suggestions for dates in your mail.
  • Please do not send us CDs or material by post: We don't have a CD drive in the office and it would just be a shame to do so
  • Concert requests on social media will not be considered, only requests by mail will be answered.
  • If your request is a mass mail without a personal salutation, we will not answer either.
  • Once a concert is confirmed you will be in contact with our production team who will take care of the announcement & planning of the concert.
These are our upcoming programme deadlines:
  • January/February 2023 will be booked by early November.
  • From November to December we will book March/April 2023
  • From January to February we will book May/June 2023
  • If your request is too far ahead, we reserve the right not to reply.
Thank you for understanding.

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