CD-Tipp: Music As Vibrant Humanity

Frank von Niederhäusern10-15-2023

He can't be without music. That's why, when even the never-tired New York fell into Corona slumber, Roy Nathanson stood on the balcony of his Brooklyn apartment and played for his neighbors: for 82 evenings. The 72-year-old saxophonist now packs the comforting, animating effect of these concerts, with which he wanted to address the good in people, onto his new album. There are not 82, but at least ten songs that cover the broad spectrum of this musician, who once played with John Lurie in the Lounge Lizards, later with icons like Debbie Harry and Elvis Costello, but was always driven by jazz. Nathanson's earthy, off-kilter playing style incorporates traditionals like "Go Down Moses," ventures into Monk's "Green Chimneys" or the pop anthem "Bridge Over Troubled Waters," linked with his own compositions. A sonorous statement of vibrant humanity.

Hörtipp Jazz im kulturtippFrank von Niederhäusern, kulturtipp 22/23Roy Nathanson
82 Days
(Yellowbird/Enja 2023)
Listen to the first single of the new album on Spotify:

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