Moods Season Kick-Off: A Playlist & Shibo's Highlights

Isabelle Tschäppeler09-14-20233 min. read

Dear guest: Ready to dive into the new season? To dance, listen, groove and sway along? Then you've come to the right place. Our new season will start soon and we are looking forward to welcoming you back to our home.

The new season is packed with local delicacies, international delicacies and pearls of discovery.A few highlights right up front:On 15 & 16 September we celebrate 23 years of Schiffbau with the Schauspielhaus, LaSalle and Venice Bar. In addition to a huge offer for children (including a graffiti workshop, children's disco and costumes), many local bands as well as bands from the house will be performing. There's Hansueli from Hausdienst with his boogie-trash formation Los Dos, the local jazz and hip hop singer Miss C-Line, the word acrobats Laurin Buser and Fatima Moumoni, and the soul singer Alina Amuri with her record launch. And best of all: the festival is free for everyone.Afterwards we start with the annual ZKB Jazz Prize. 6 young formations from three parts of the country will compete against each other to win 1st place. Also part of the programme is the masterclass by Rabih Abou-Khalil and the jury concert by Elina Duni feat. Rabih Abou-Khalil.

My personal highlights are

Tue, 10.10. Rymden

A press picture reminiscent of Kraftwerk and, at least in the jazz field, made up of equally legendary members: former members of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio Dan Berglund & Magnus Öström and the Scandinavian jack-of-all-trades Bugge Wesseltoft.

Sat, 14 & Sun, 15 Oct Ida Nielsen

After her years in the band of music legend Prince, the electric bassist has had a remarkable solo career. With her Funkbots she plays an energetic show and on the following day a free masterclass for all music nerds and bass lovers.

Mon, 16.10. Shake Stew

The jazz phenomenon from Austria. With their mix of funk-beat-swing-afro-jazz-rock-rhythm-and-something, they have quickly made a name for themselves throughout Europe. Because when Shake Stew comes on, nobody stays still on their chair.

Fri, 20.10. Schmidi Schmidhauser & The Hasta Luegos

A great of the Swiss music scene on a farewell tour. And Schmidi is ready: Because he has packed everything into his luggage to draw from all his musical projects and offer his fans an unforgettable evening.

Sat, 21.10. Pablo Nouvelle & Nativ

Two figureheads of current Swiss music creation team up for an album & a tour. One is Pablo Nouvelle, who invites you to dream with his electronic sounds, and the other is Nativ, one of the most relevant rap artists of the moment. They will present their latest album "Embrace" at Moods.

Sat, 30.9. Baile Funk / Sat, 7.10. K.O.S Crew Dancehall Mood / Sat, 14.10. Afrobeats Explosion

Dance and prolong your life with Baile Funk, K.O.S Dancehall Mood and Afrobeats Explosion. A study says that dancing prolongs life. It's a good thing we have just the right thing for that: Whether it's favela funk from Rio at the Baile Funk Party, current dancehall hits at the K.O.S. Crew Dancehall Mood, the oldest dancehall party in town (already 24 years old!) or swinging your hips to the sound of the West African diaspora to Afrobeats: at Moods you'll find what you're looking for.

Sa, 28.10. Mokoomba

Die simbabweanische Power-Band Mokooma kommen im Oktober zurück mit ihrer Mischung aus Afrobeat und Zamrock. Als sie 2016 zum letzten Mal im Moods waren, zogen sie das Publikum innert Minuten in ihren Bann. Dieses Mal stellt die Band ihr aktuelles Album «Tusona» vor. Tanzen vorprogrammiert! 

So, 29.10. Linda & Lukas Vogel

Zwei Geschwister, zwei musikalische Talente vereint. Die Harfenistin Linda Vogel wurde fürs 2023 für die «Carte Blanche» ausgewählt und kann im Rahmen dieser, Projekte frei nach ihrem Wunsch gestalten. Bei dieser Ausgabe spielt sie mit ihrem Bruder Lukas, der selbst in einer sehr erfolgreichen Band namens «Grandbrothers» spielt. Ich war damals am vielleicht ersten Konzert der Grandbrothers im Exil. Da war die ganze Verwandtschaft da und mächtig stolz auf ihn: «Weisst du, das ist mein Neffe dort vorne. Einfach tolle Musik.» Heute bespielt er die grossen Hallen in Europa. Und am 29. Oktober spielen die Geschwister wieder mal zusammen für die Gäste des Moods. Ich freue mich auf das Geschwisterpaar. 

My personal highlights in the overview

  • Schiffbau-Fest

    Moods, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Restaurant LaSalle & Venice Bar present

    • Schiffbau-Fest – Programm Freitag

      Pop / Rock / Singer / SongwriterElectronic / PartyGlobal Sounds
  • Schiffbau-Fest

    Moods, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Restaurant LaSalle & Venice Bar present

    • Schiffbau-Fest – Programm Samstag

      Electronic / PartyPop / Rock / Singer / SongwriterGlobal Sounds
  • ZKB Jazzpreis Festival

    • Masterclass mit Rabih Abou-Khalil

      Global SoundsJazzGlobal Jazz
  • Elina Duni Trio feat. Rabih Abou-Khalil


    • Global Sounds
    • Jazz
    • Vocal Jazz
    • Balkan
    • Arabic
  • Bugge Wesseltoft, Dan Berglund, Magnus Öström

    • Rymden

      JazzElectronic / PartyContemporary JazzElectronicScandinavian Jazz
    • Ida Nielsen & The Funkbots

      Soul / Blues / FunkFunk
  • kostenlos

    • Masterclass mit Ida Nielsen

      Soul / Blues / FunkFunk
    • Shake Stew

      Jazz Modern CreativeModern Creative Jazz
  • Schmidi Schmidhauser & The Hasta Luegos


    • Soul / Blues / Funk
    • Global Sounds
    • Balkan
    • Latin America
    • European
    • Blues
  • «Embrace Tour»

    • Pablo Nouvelle & Nativ

      Electronic / PartyRap / R'n'B / BrassElectronicRap
  • Favela Funk

    • Baile Funk

      Global SoundsBrazil
  • Party

    • K.O.S Crew Dancehall Mood

      Electronic / PartyGlobal SoundsPartyReggae / Ska
    • Afrobeats Explosion

      Electronic / PartyGlobal SoundsPartyAfrobeats
  • Tusona Tour

    • Mokoomba

      Global SoundsAfrica
  • Linda & Lukas Vogel

    Linda Vogel

    • Experimental
    • Pop / Rock / Singer / Songwriter
    • Electronic / Party
    • Pop
    • Electronic

If you want to listen to the September/October programme on Spotify, here is a playlist: