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From September 24 to 29, 2023, the 21st edition of the ZKB Jazzpreis Festival will take place at Moods. Six formations representing the versatility and quality of the young Swiss jazz scene have been selected from over 40 entries.Nominated are six bands from all over Switzerland, each of which stands out for its own sound language and original approach to jazz: OKWOK, Momotrope, Arthur Donnot Group, ARBRE, Filippo Valli Quartet and Knobil.They will be judged by an international jury, this year composed of Jane Cornwell (journalist, UK/AU), Carlo Brühlhart (journalist, CH), Rabih Abou-Khalil (musician, LB/FR), Elina Duni (musician, CH) and Martina Berther (musician/audience representative, CH). We are excited and look forward to varied concerts and to numerous appearances at the ZKB Jazzpreis Festival 2023.
A competition between master class and promotion award for young jazz musicians who are on the threshold of a professional career: The Festival da Jazz St. Moritz has announced the call for entries for the New Generation #JazzLab 2023.Young musicians and bands from Switzerland and all over the world can register for the five-day master class with internationally renowned mentors until 31 March 2023. Accomodation and Board are included, as well as a concert at the Dracula Club, which will be professionally filmed. The icing on the cake is the prize money of CHF 5,000.Further information and the conditions of participation can be found at: luck!
Around 30 people from all over Switzerland and southern Germany applied for the advertised booking position at Moods. The 29-year-old Yunus Durrer has prevailed and will take up his position from March 2023. Yunus has been the booking manager of the Festival Da Jazz in St. Moritz for 5 years. He started there as a supervisor of the artists* and gradually developed into the booking manager. During this time he was able to gain valuable booking experience and build up a broad network in the international jazz scene.In his new position, Yunus is looking forward to immerse himself more in the local music scene, to sharpen the program's content and to push it forward together with the Moods team. Former director Carine Zuber will initially assist him in an advisory capacity to ensure a seamless continuation.
On Sunday, October 16, 2022, an event at the Tanzhaus Zurich was massively disrupted by a group from the radical right-wing camp. The event in question was Drag Story Time - an event for children from the age of three. The format conveys diversity, tolerance and inclusion and thrives on an open discourse about gender identities and role models. We stand in solidarity with Tanzhaus Zürich and welcome the charges filed by Tanzhaus. We stand side by side and condemn politically motivated disruptive actions of any kind. The fact that an event for families of all things was attacked appalls us even more. Together with our partners and friends from the cultural scene of Zurich, we hereby set a sign against hate, exclusion and right-wing propaganda. These have no place in our society, and we will not stop defending and communicating our values. We are convinced that art and culture can contribute to making this world a better place - this is what we stand up for together every day with our work.
We look forward to celebrating our 30th anniversary with you. From October 21 to 23, 2022, a colorful program awaits you here at Moods, LaSalle and Schiffbau Foyer with international stars and newcomers, established and younger representatives of the Swiss music scene, concerts with influences from Africa and the Balkans, a recumbent and a children's concert, a workshop together with Helvetiarockt and a musical walk through Kreis 5. With: Julie Campiche Solo feat. Claire Huguenin - Acid Amazonians x Taimashoe - Claudia Masika - Neue Grafik Ensemble - Afterparty with Rizzoknor & DJ Lexx - Music Production Workshop with Cégiu - Soundwalking - A walkable composition by TRIO - Stacey Kent - District Five - BalkanEkstra Afterparty with The Nozez & Rock Gitano - Children's Concert: Il lung Viadi - Osomo Liege Concert.
Congratulations to Bureau Bureau for winning the ZKB Jazzpreis 2022!The duo of Sonia Loenne and Michael Cina, who live in Bern, convinced the jury with their dedication, stage presence and cross-border performance. The second-placed Louis Matute Large Ensemble brought an infectious energy to the stage and knew how to inspire with a strong interplay. The musicians from French-speaking Switzerland also convinced the visitors and were also awarded the ZKB Audience Prize. This means that the sextet will be performing at Moods next year. We are already looking forward to it!In addition to the two finalists, the Shane Quartet, Tie Drei, Trois Imaginaires and the Dimitri Howald Trio were nominated for the Young Musicians Award. We would like to thank all participants for the 4 days of great music.
Marena Whitcher wins the Moods-Aïda Alliman Prize 2022
We warmly congratulate Marena Whitcher on winning the Moods-Aïda Alliman Prize 2022. The consistent pursuit of her visions and the constant reflection of her work convinced the jury just as much as her irrepressible creativity and her boundless joy of experimentation beyond all musical genres and rules. A clear idea of how the prize money will be used was another decisive criterion. The prize money should enable her to work freely for a certain period of time. In addition, she will be allowed to perform at Moods with a project of her choice during the 22/23 season.The Moods-Aïda Alliman Prize is awarded on the basis of the submitted motivation letter and artistic plans - the emerging takes precedence over the completed. The continuity of the previous work and the development potential of the musicians* are also important criteria.
The 2021 General Assembly was held on May 2 2022 at Moods. The minutes of the AGM are uploaded for viewing.