Simons' concert tips in February

Simon Fischer02-11-20242 min. read

Jazz, jazz and more jazz. New, newer and brand new. From classical to spiritual.

I was already looking forward to February in December. One highlight follows the next. And we're only talking about jazz concerts. My first highlight would have been Jas Kayser on 6 February. Unfortunately, the concert had to be cancelled because Jas got the opportunity to go on tour with Lenny Kravitz. What a pity, but understandable. Fortunately, we have another concert in the London Jazz Calling series in February, so I'll still get my money's worth. But first things first.
Sonntag 11.02.24: Christoph Irniger PILGRIM
The quintet around the Zurich saxophonist plays jazz just the way I like it: sometimes quiet, sparse and almost meditative. But then they can also get really groovy with free passages that always remain pleasant. I really like this variety and the classical formation of the quintet with saxophone, piano, guitar, bass and drums also appeals to me. Just right for a Sunday evening.
Freitag, 16.02.24: Ruby Rushton
My first album by Ruby Rushton was Trudi's Songbock, which I bought without listening to it once, just because of the cover and the name. And I was not disappointed. Today i have all the albums on my record shelf. I like their mixture of classic jazz with soul and funk, you could also call it acid jazz. Or lässig jazz, as a friend of mine calls it. But I think that sums it up very well. Because the groove is just right. And the line-up with saxophone and flute, trumpet and Fender Rhodes fits perfectly. Don't miss it!
Sonntag, 18.02.24: Quiet Tree
The Swiss trio with Simon Spiess, Jonas Ruther and Marc Méan is once again the perfect booking for a Sunday evening at Moods. They spread out a carpet of sound that makes you want to lie down and never want to get up again. I can really drift off to this sound and daydream. Space jazz. Almost ambient. Beautiful.
Sonntag, 25.12.24: David Enhco & Marc Perrenoud
Another Sunday concert. Another one to dream and immerse yourself in the fine soundscapes of piano and trumpet. French trumpeter David Enhco and Swiss pianist Marc Perrenoud play a tribute to the great American jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. Nothing more needs to be said, right? Except: buy your ticket!
Dienstag, 27.02.24: Alfredo Rodriguez Trio
I love Latin jazz. Especially the piano. I didn't know Alfredo, but I thought it was an obvious choice. When I listened to it for the first time, I was a bit confused. It all sounded so manicured, exaggerated, almost kitschy. And then there were all these interpretations of well-known songs like "Lambada" or "Für Elise". I found it kind of shitty. At least at the beginning. But if you take a bit of time and remain patient, a real Latin firework comes to light. Ah, that's exactly how it should be. That's what I expected. So, stay patient and you won't be disappointed. I promise you that.

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