Moods in the Schiffbau is the synonym for great live concerts and parties for countless visitors from Switzerland and abroad. Be it jazz, funk, soul, blues, electro or world – the audience knows that it will always get to see and hear top-class musicians, whether they are one of the big international names or an exciting local discovery. With the Schiffbau, the Moods Jazz Club is in an ideal location in the midst of Zurich’s pulsing 5th District. In addition there is a stylish bar where musicians and fans alike chat and debate well into the night.In recent years Moods in the Schiffbau has developed into one of Zurich’s largest and most important cultural venues. It is one of Europe’s prominent jazz clubs and enjoys a well deserved and global reputation amongst musicians and critics alike. Moods is the most significant stage for Swiss musicians – half of the concerts are projects by local music creators. Moods was founded 25 years ago in september 1992 by the Jazz Association Moods.

The Beginning in the Selnau Station Buffet

Based on an initiative by Zurich musicians, the Moods Jazz Club was opened on September 18th, 1992 in its first venue in the station at Selnau and thus continued the tradition of well-known clubs like “Africana” and “Bazillus”. Operations ended in February 2000 after seven and a half years, 1700 concerts and 140’000 visitors. The
former station buffet no longer met the requirements of a music club with an increasing number of visitors. The move to the new cultural and craft centre in the
Schiffbau of the Schauspielhaus Zurich also marked something of a new beginning.

The Restart in the Schiffbau

The Schiffbau – where once ships for the Swiss lakes and motors for the world seas had been built – presented a unique opportunity: a new music club could be established in a very attractive environment, thanks to a new building within the old walls. It can accommodate 500 standing or 250 seated (hall, balcony and bar) and offers the visitors an excellent view of the stage together with very good acoustics. Moods in the Schiffbau started with an opening concert on 23.9.2000. Since then, live concerts are staged almost daily throughout the season (mid-September to mid-June) and in addition there are Late Night Acts starting at midnight on weekends. In recent years Moods in the Schiffbau has developed into one of Zurich’s greatest and most important cultural venues. It is one of the most prominent European jazz clubs and enjoys a worldwide reputation amongst musicians and critics alike. Moods is the most significant stage for Swiss musicians – half of the concerts are projects by local music creators.

The big renovation in 2016 - History and Supporters


After ten years of operation in the Schiffbau, it became clear that remedying structural deficiencies and a new technical infrastructure was indispensable. Thus, Moods started with the planning and fundraising for the reconstruction of the club. Thanks to many supporters, the project which cost nearly three-million franks was finally realized in summer 2016. A new color and lighting concept, an angular bar and a completely new technical system including the requirements for the "Moods Digital Concert Club" were among the most important innovations. Thanks to the "Moods Digital Concert Club", Moods concerts can be streamed live on TV, computer or smartphone since 2017. Furthermore, the recordings are available on-demand in an online archive. This is also an opportunity for the musicians, who can benefit from professionally produced video material and have new sources of income, because the offer is subject to a fee.


Without the support of the following organizations and private individuals the reconstruction could not have taken place. We, the Jazz Verein Moods and the jazz scene thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Stadt Zürich Kultur

Lotteriefonds Kanton Zürich

Ernst Göhner Stiftung

Zürcher Kantonalbank

Other Supporters
  • Adrian Tschäppeler
  • Agnes Weber
  • Alex Schilling-Reichmuth & Priska Reichmuth Schilling
  • AllBlues Konzert AG
  • Andreas Baumann
  • Anna Wenger
  • Annelise Wetter
  • Barbara Kind
  • Beat Stünzi
  • Bendicht Zulliger
  • Bessam & Dina Moutragi
  • Carlo Thumiger
  • Cassinelli-Vogel-Stiftung
  • Caterina Nägeli
  • Christian Jott Jenny, Festival da Jazz St.Moritz
  • Christoph Meili
  • Cora Folly
  • Dänu Schneider
  • Dominique Grau
  • Dorothea Lage
  • Dr. Heinrich Hürlimann
  • Christine Reimann
  • Erich Scheuber
  • Ewald Boss
  • Fairway Global Investment AG
  • Filippo Leutenegger
  • Florin Dora
  • Franco Ambrosetti
  • Freya Iris Sutter-Peter
  • Gerald Weinmüller
  • Gewerbeverein Kreis 5 Züri-West
  • Gregor Fürniss
  • Hamasil Stiftung
  • Hans Knöpfel
  • Hans Ueli Schlaepfer
  • Hans-Urs von Matt
  • Heinz Frey-Tuhtan
  • Heinzpeter Hasch
  • Helmuth Waldis
  • Herr und Frau Jacques & Ursula Cherix
  • Herr und Frau Werner & Monica Stettler
  • jazznojazz
  • Jean-Francois Alabor
  • Johanna Dahm
  • Juliana Müller
  • Karin Bettina Gisler, Playback-Theater Zürich
  • Karina Rierola
  • les halles Restaurant
  • Marion Richter
  • Markus Hofmann
  • Markus Holschneider
  • Martin Egidius Aebli
  • Michael Budliger
  • Miles Koeder
  • Miriam Bieri
  • AG
  • Paul Hasenfratz-Javet
  • Peter Grünbaum
  • Peter Halbheer
  • Peter Niederhäuser
  • Peter Sonderegger
  • Reinhard Oertli
  • René Hoppeler Management Consulting
  • Roger Gysi
  • Roland Gfeller
  • Rolf & Sabine Schärer-Stranz
  • Sabine Gysi
  • Stanislas M.D. Nanchen
  • Stephan Müller
  • Susanne Ursula Spreiter
  • Toni Kleimann
  • Vereinigung Kulturmeile Zürich West