Akku Quintet

Album Release «Kinema»

Akku Quintet is one of the most exciting formations of the local jazz scene – Ane Hebeisen, Der Bund

Gabriel Wenger SaxophonMaja Nydegger Keyboards, PianoMarkus Ischer GuitarAndi Schnellmann BassManuel Pasquinelli Composition, Drum KitJonas Fehr Visuals
Akku Quintet is the long-term project of drummer Manuel Pasquinelli from Bern. With a lot of joy in playing, the band ravishingly celebrates the pleasure of repetition, stretching space and time in unexcited movements. After their live album released in 2022, the quintet now presents its fifth studio album KINEMA. The five musicians play pulsating, driving minimal jazz with rock and spherical elements. It sounds like a dive into unfathomable depths. Whenever you think this sea can't go any lower, you're already sinking down to the next level. Live visuals support the musical diving excursion.

In 2020 Akku Quintet was awarded the Cantonal Music Prize of Bern.

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