Andrina Bollinger

Andrina Bollinger Vocals, Piano, Synthesizer, GuitarJules Martinet BassArthur Hnatek Drum Kit
Andrina Bollinger lives in Zurich and her roots are in Engadin. Her music is a space that constantly changes. Sometimes it appears as a castle, then as Turrell’s Skyspace, or portrays itself as the deep ocean. Bollinger explores and plays all of these spaces with her voice – she screams, hums, speaks, wheezes therein, and thus creates pieces, each a space for itself. In these rooms she then researches topics: the future-I pops up, lyrics inspired by painting and poetry or nature, politics and feelings events. Thereby the spectrum is endless and matches Bollinger’s interests. The performer celebrates her variety in her award-winning projects, such as Eclecta, JPTR and the French Avant-Trumpeter Erik Truffaz. And newly also solo, where all of these influences turn into an uncompromising great big whole – into Andrina Bollinger’s own space, her castle, or: her music.

For this concert, the 2G admission rule applies: All guests need a valid Covid certificate from Switzerland or EU (QR Code) for vaccinated or recovered persons with an official ID (ID, passport, driver’s license). The detailed admission rules are listed here: https://www.moods.club/en/program/admission-rules-covid/