Collectif Medz Bazar

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Ezgi Sevgi Can Clarinet, Saxophon, VocalsShushan Kerovpyan BassVahan Kerovpyan Oud, Keyboards, Vocals, Kalimba, AccordionElâ Nuroğlu Percussion, Bağlama, VocalsMarius Pirabot Violin, Bass, Vocals, Percussion
Each musician in this cross-cultural urban-diaspora quintet is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Their message is one of emancipation and fraternity, their music is imbued with folk traditions, old and new. Singing in their mother tongues (Turkish, Armenian, English and French), they tell the story of an inner home, accustomed to exile, cultural blending, and renewal. Their 4th album, Insanistan, will take you from the mountains of the Lost Land to a place where languages, thoughts, and dreams can live together, retracing the road to hope, courage and the unknown.

Created in Paris in 2012, Collectif Medz Bazar has traveled extensively through Europe and performs regularly in North America and in the Middle East. Fervent lovers of gatherings and exchange, at ease with all audiences, Medz Bazar's musicians perform with the same enthusiasm in major cities like New York, Diyaberkir, Montreal, Yerevan, and Berlin, as in remote villages reaching from the Cévennes mountains in France to the Munzur valley in Anatolia.

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