Etran de L'Aïr

Ibra Moussa Guitar, VocalsIbrahim Abdouyale Guitar, VocalsMahmoud Ahmed Jabre Drum Kit
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GuitarVocalsDrum Kit
Raw Desert-Blues from the Sahel: in their music, Etran de L'Aïr capture the pules of daily life at weddings, christenings, political events and open-air soirees. Though the use of three instead of two guitars the sound comes across more wired and more rampant as with other bands. They orient themselves more toward artistes such as Oumou Sangaré and Ali Farka Touré than the established Tuareg ensembles. The live-recorded album «No. 1» was voted by the New Yorker as Album of the Year in 2020.

For this concert, the 3G rule applies: Entry is only authorized with a Swiss or EU Covid-Certificate (QR Code) for vaccinated, recovered or tested persons with an official identification (ID, passport, driver’s license). The detailed admission rules are listed here: https://www.moods.club/en/program/admission-rules-covid/

Supported by SüdKulturFonds

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