Flaira Ferro Duo

Adalu Tropical

The voice of a new generation of Brazilian artists

Flaira Ferro VocalsLucas Dan Multiinstrumentalist
The duo performance is an invitation to access emotional universes of joy through music, dance and poetry It is about immersion in life and being open to mood changes through a loving pact with the dynamics and impermanence of life. Flaira Ferro mixes organic traditional elements with modern rock, funk and pop, in a hybrid language, tropical and interactive. The instrumentation consists of accordion, flutes, synthesizers, drum machines and percussion that make direct references to rhythms of Brazilian popular culture such as frevo, capoeira, forró, caboclinho and maracatu.

Adalu, Tropical Gold & Flaira Ferro invite you to the launch event of their NGO Adalu Tropical in Brazil, founded in February 2023. The NGO's goal is to build art and educational spaces for people in social need in Bahia and Pernambuco.

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