Gasandji Vocals, GuitarGreg Emonet Guitar, BassDramane DembeleAdriano Tenerio Percussion, Vocals
The power lady from the Congo has a mind of her own and on stage fascinates us with her presence, her refinement and her empathy. Gasandji means something like «She that awakens the awareness». One could not describe the intention behind her music more appropriately. With her high, clear voice, sometimes tender and melancholic, sometimes full of power, she attests to the big topics such as love, hope and suffering. In the process she wanders between Jazz, Soul, Reggae and the sounds of her ancestors. «I want to bring the people closer to my home, without losing sight of the here and now», she says about her music. Her album «Le Sacré» was released in November 2017.

Supported by SüdKulturFonds

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