Julie Campiche Quartet


Leo Fumagalli SaxophonJulie CampicheManu Hagmann BassClemens Kuratle Drum Kit
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SaxophonBassDrum Kit
There are tracks which create a unique and gripping atmosphere, right from the first tone. «Flash Info» from the Julie Campiche Quartet is one example. All four musicians deploy electronic effects and thus create a fragile yet powerful soundscape, where composition and improvisation keep the scales in balance. In the process, the music provides ample room to breathe and generates impressive tonal contrasts. Julie Campiche's musical language is characterised by the big questions of her generation: the huge quantities of radioactive waste, multi-media stimulus satiation and the search for identity in a digital age. February sees the release of her album «Onkalo», and the evening in Moods celebrates its launch.

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