Zurich Jazz Orchestra feat. Efrat Alony

«Vocal Artistry Series»

Exceptional singer - unconventional program

Ed Partyka DirectorEfrat Alony VocalsYvonne Moriel SaxophonLukas Heuss SaxophonToni Bechtold SaxophonDaniel Affentranger SaxophonNils Fischer SaxophonWolfgang Häuptli TrumpetBernhard Schoch TrumpetRaphael Kalt TrumpetDaniel Schenker TrumpetDave Blaser TrumpetMaurus Twerenbold TromboneRené Mosele TromboneJonas Inglin TromboneSophia Nidecker TubaAnja Huber FlugelhornTheo Kapilidis GuitarGregor Müller PianoPatrick Sommer BassPius Baschnagel Drum Kit
Efrat Alony and Ed Partyka have been working together for almost 20 years and have recorded with the Sunday Night Orchestra and the Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra. They have also performed together with the UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra and the HR Big Band. The singer, bandleader and composer, who now lives in Germany, began her music studies in Haifa and completed them in Boston. This night's programme is just as international. It consists of modern Jewish folk songs and original compositions by Efrat Alony, arranged by Ed Partyka for jazz orchestra and the warm, sometimes gentle-melancholic, sometimes determined voice of Efrat Alony.

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