Christoph Grab's BLOSSOM


Christoph Grab SaxophonRalph Alessi TrumpetLukas Traxel BassPius Baschnagel Drum KitFlorian Favre Piano
The compositions for BLOSSOM were created in the spring of 2020. Christoph Grab was not looking for these compositions, they came to him in irregular intervals during the first Corona lockdown, mostly unasked - blossoming like flowers spreading hope again after the winter. He later realized that these new compositions had much to do with his moods during the lockdown, so that these pieces unintentionally became a kind of diary of his lockdown period. According to the saxophonist, he couldn't get the flower metaphor out of his head, and so the new program is now called "BLOSSOM". Furthermore, the compositions (which were originally written without names) have also received English flower names, such as "Feverfew", "Love in the mist", "Bleeding heart", "Mad dog skullcap", "African daisy" or "Johnny jump up".

The music of BLOSSOM means of transportation for stories and emotions, an adventurous music full of warmth, built on friendship and mutual support, for a band that becomes a unit, a breathing organism.

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