Julie Campiche Quartet

Leo Fumagalli SaxophonJulie Campiche HarpManu Hagmann BassClemens Kuratle Drum KitSophie Le Meillour Video
There are pieces that create a unique, poignant atmosphere with the very first note. "Flash Info" by the Julie Campiche Quartet is one of those. All four musicians use electronic effects to create a fragile yet powerful soundscape in which composition and improvisation are balanced. At the same time, the music leaves plenty of room to breathe and creates impressive sonic contrasts. Julie Campiche's musical language is shaped by the big questions of her generation: the vast amounts of radioactive waste, multimedia sensory overload and the search for identity in the digital age.The musical language of experimental jazz harpist, singer, composer, producer and bandleader Julie Campiche is the result of constant curiosity and innovation in music and her great interest in the state of the world. Jazz, classical, electronic music and last but not least avant-garde traits permeate her music - exposing an immediate fragility that sometimes delicately, sometimes powerfully scratches the limit without ever exceeding it. In this way Campiche, who must be called a pioneer of harp jazz, has created her very own music that is unparalleled.

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