Lincke – Menzi – Härtel

Altfrentsche Besetzung – «Monk bis Moser»

Matthias Lincke ViolinElias Menzi HackbrettMatthias Härtel Bass, VocalsGuest: Aaron Lincke Drum Kit
On this evening you will hear unusual sounds in the area of tension between the oddball jazz of a Thelonious Monk and classical Appenzell string music in the style of the Moser family of musicians. The programme title is appropriately "Monk to Moser" and this will be played in the traditional Altfrentsch line-up consisting of violin, dulcimer and double bass.

PS: "Altfrentsch", a term rarely used today in the Appenzell dialect, goes back to the German expression "altfränkisch". Deriving from the Middle High German "altvrenkisch" ("in the manner of the old Franks"), it means as much as "old-fashioned", "according to old custom".

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