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  1. Album Release «Domodossola – Weissmies»

    • Julian Sartorius

      Groove Jazz

      «A (sonic) journey into the heights»

    • JazzBaragge Wednesday Jam


      «The platform for the Swiss jazz jam scene»

  2. Carte Blanche

    Victoria Mozalevskaya


      Contemporary Jazz

      «Musical storytelling about personal boundaries and social conventions»

    • Klischée & The Sheiks

      Electro Swing

      «Swinging groove grenades, futuristic dance floor fillers»

  3. Family Concert

    • Cali P


      «Reggae for the whole family»

    • ADG7

      Traditional Contemporary Korean Folk Pop

      «New korean music on old instruments»

    • DJ Voilà Tim

      Psychedelic Asia & More

      «Definitely exciting, definitely danceable.»

  4. Carte Blanche

    Simon Grab – Videoex im Walcheturm

    • Fractura

      Experimental ElectronicsLive-VisualsDance

      «A transdisciplinary investigation»

    • Abate Berihun & Addis Ken Project

      Spiritual Ethio Jazz

      «Soulful groove, spiritual search and heartfelt blues»

    • Cyrille Aimée

      Vocal Jazz

      «More intimate and accesible than ever before»