Michael League & Bill Laurance Duo feat. Y. Canizares, N. Fischer, R. Suhner & A. Huber

- M4Music & Moods present:

Michael League OudBill Laurance PianoYilian Canizares ViolinNils Fischer ClarinetReto SuhnerAmbrosius Huber Cello
Michael League (bassist, composer and bandleader) and Bill Laurence (pianist, composer and arranger), both members of the award-winning collective Snarky Puppy, have been stuck in Europe since the outbreak of the pandemic. So last fall they came up with the idea of recording a duo album and taking it on a small tour through Europe; joined by a handful of local musicians. 

The album is inspired by oriental music and has been recorded a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately the planned tour had to be postponed for the moment for obvious reasons. Thanks to m4music, the pop music festival of the Migros Kulturprozent, they will come to Moods for a five day artist residency and work with four Swiss musicians. Culminating in a live stream performance on 5.4.2021.

As soon as the public is admitted again, they will also play concerts in this line-up.

Michael League will play oud and Bill Laurence piano, complemented by the sensational Yilian Canizares on violin, Nils Fischer on clarinet, Reto Suhner on saxophone and Ambrosius Huber on cello.
Full stream at: https://www.moods.digital/de/live/event/11218/michael-league-bill-laurance-duo-feat-y-canizares-n-fischer-r-suhner-a-huber.html
LINE-UP: Michael League oud, Bill Laurance p, Yilian Canizares violin, Nils Fischer cl, Reto Suhner reeds, Ambrosius Huber cello
Presented by m4music, the pop music festival of the Migros Kulturprozent & Moods.​

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