Ravi Ramsahye PROTOTYPE

Captivating soundscapes and explosive rhythm

Théo Hanser SaxophonRavi Ramsahye Guitar, CompositionBenoît Gautier BassNathan Triquet Drum Kit
Ravi Ramsahye PROTOTYPE stands like an archetype in the collective subconscious for a model that combines research and accessibility. The quartet develops a progressive jazz with rock and pop influences, guided by odd meters. Ravi Ramsahye's music emerges from an introspection nourished by the emotional intensity of pop-rock and the world of video games, drawing enchanting soundscapes while captivating with an explosive rhythm. This energy is discharged in the different backgrounds of the band members, who dialog with each other to form intoxicating atmospheres and sonic explorations. The pieces are pervaded by rhythmic asymmetries and yet find a flow in their irregularity. In this stormy cloud, floating melodies entwine with harmonic sensibility. PROTOTYPE is the result of an eclectic symbiosis and an invitation to take off – to lift off the body and the heart.

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