Sarah Chaksad Large Ensemble

A wealth of colors and moods

Yumi Ito VocalsSarah Chaksad SaxophonChristoph Bösch FluteFabian Willmann Saxophon, Bass ClarinetCatherine Delaunay Basset Horn, ClarinetHildegunn Øiseth Trumpet, BukkehornPaco Andreo Ventilposaune, EuphoniumLukas Wyss TromboneSophia Nidecker TubaFabio Goueva GuitarJulia Hülsmann PianoDominique Girod BassEva Klesse Drum Kit
Sarah Chaksad surprises with compositions for a new, 13-member band: the saxophonist and composer, born in Wohlen in 1983, has carefully assembled her wide-awake Large Ensemble with exquisite German, French and Swiss musicians, a Norwegian and a Brazilian. It is a mixture of friends with whom she already works successfully in her other bands and new ones, whom she has chosen as consciously as intuitively clever - and for whom to write, that can be heard well in the music, great desire and a lot of imagination were ideal prerequisites.
Both in the line-up and in the composing process, the idea of how the ensemble as a whole should sound and what music could be realized with the instrumental possibilities was central. However, Sarah then wrote the pieces exactly for the excellent musicians of her Large Ensemble and, with flute, tuba and basset horn - the "tenor clarinet" - additionally for instruments that had never belonged to her bands before.
The result is again astonishing and, although the composer's signature remains clearly audible, differs from earlier projects. The music is more open and - not only on "Lost" - also more risky, without ever losing flow and drive or intensity.
Sarah creates with her large ensemble a richness of colors and moods as never before. In addition, she skillfully builds sound spaces within her pieces again and again for individual instruments and combinations, for dialogues and wonderful solos. She makes sophisticated use of the variety and flexibility that the new band offers her. On her musical journey, the bandleader is, figuratively speaking, sometimes traveling by bus, sometimes by tandem - and always with brilliant musicians who, for all their enjoyable, thrilling art, take us together on an adventurous and in the best way entertaining journey.

This concert recording was made with the support of Migros Culture Percentage.

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