Stiller Has

Endo Anaconda VocalsBoris Klečić Guitar, BanjoRoman Wyss KeyboardsAndreas Wyss BassAndi Pupato Percussion
Every Easter Moods welcomes Stiller Has to Moods. Such wonderful traditions must be preserved, therefore the band again brings to the stage their album «Endosaurusrex», released in 2017. Inspired by fairy tales in the style of Brothers Grimm, Endo Anaconda holds a distortion mirror up to the community. In his bitter-sweet dialect verses, Hans has depression in happiness, Bambi is into sadomaso, and even the devil has to go for therapy. The Wishing Table makes him sick and the land of plenty comes only with a gastric band. And along the way, Endo dissects our small world, on the search for the last paradise «where it's not so uptight as here».

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