Šuma Čovjek

Support Act: Blind Boy De Vita

Ivica Petrušić VocalsHafid Derbal VocalsFlorian Weiss TromboneTobias Pfister SaxophonRaphael Kalt TrumpetAndrea Kirchhofer ViolinJonas Künzli BassTino Siegrist Drum KitSupport Act: Blind Boy De Vita GuitarManuel Wülser Keyboards
Šuma Čovjek dispel the clichés of classic Balkan pop. The Swiss with a migration background sing in French, Croatian and Arabic. The languages flow so harmoniously into each other that you have the feeling you understand them all. This is certainly not least due to the lovingly arranged songs: melancholy ballads, rhythmic pop-rock pieces and rap tracks, peppered with furious brass sections.

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