9 Concerts – 1 Ticket. Enjoy the Swiss Jazz scene with your Explorer Ticket!

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With the Discoverer Ticket for only CHF 49, you can attend nine concerts by Swiss jazz musicians and explore the diversity of the Swiss music scene.

The summer break is getting closer and closer, but at the end of the season we still have a few great treats for you with a special focus on the Swiss music scene.Sandman's Calling, a trio with an exciting line-up of clarinet, drums and oud, will kick things off on 3 June with the launch of their new record "Fata Morgana". Claude Meier's quintet Garn spins the discovery series further and Julie Campiche lets us experience the jazz harp with a modern twist.Passionate experimental jazz is performed by Florian Arbenz, and the Laura Schuler Quartet combines jazz with the unconventional sounds of viola and synthesizer. Dalia Donadio's music is reduced and touching, and Jochen Baldes' band "Bloom Effect" provides musical volte-face.With Matthieu Mazue, the ZKB Jazz Prize 2021 winners are back at Moods, and our voyage of discovery ends with a Carte Blanche evening by Rafael Schilt in a trio with Peter Frei and Paul Amereller. Well, are you curious?

Buy your Explorer Ticket here: https://qrco.de/bdutxz

You can see these nine concerts with your Explorer Ticket:

  • Plattentaufe «Fata Morgana»

    • Sandman’s Calling

      JazzGlobal Sounds
    • Garn

  • Julie Campiche Quartet

    • Jazz Modern Creative
    • Jazz
    • Electronic Jazz
    • Florian Arbenz feat. Nelson Veras & Hermon Mehari

      ExperimentalExperimental Jazz
  • Plattentaufe «Sueños Paralelos»

    • Laura Schuler Quartett

      ExperimentalExperimental Jazz
  • Plattentaufe «Zinnarella»

    • Dalia Donadio

  • «Bloom Effect»

    • Jochen Baldes

    • Matthieu Mazué Trio

  • Carte Blanche

    Rafael Schilt

    • Rafael Schilt - Peter Frei - Paul Amereller


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