Have A Listen: Moods November Events & Adrian's Highlights

Adrian Hofer11-01-20233 min. read

From South Korea to Brazil and from Great Britain to Lagos. Discover the Moods program as a playlist here.

The autumn holidays are over, temperatures are dropping, nights are getting longer and people are increasingly drawn indoors (into jazz clubs , for example). No wonder November is one of the most popular months to be on tour in Europe. The Moods program, which you can discover here as a playlist, is correspondingly diverse.

Personal Favourites

However, from the perspective of a program staff member, November always means difficult decisions: To make a selection from an infinite number of fantastic possibilities. And now, for this blog, I was asked to present my favorites from this selection... Difficult. Preferably everything and more.Well, one probably would not need to introduce more well-known acts such as Matthew Halsall, Yellowjackets or Keziah Jones to our Moods-regulars. But even leaving those out, too many good concerts remain. I have now limited myself to eight. Here goes: Friday, 03.11.23: Dadaglobal
Dadaglobal is a trained concert pianist who immersed himself in the world of electronic music after graduation. At Moods, he's celebrating the release of his fourth album "Winterreise"; a deconstruction of Schubert's classic. In the process, one discovers new facets of this epochal work. And just as excited as I am about the performance, I'm looking forward to the visuals by Hannah Gottschalk. Saturday, 04.11.23: Leenalchi
What is happening over in South Korea? Leenalchi! The band is filling up concert halls, has won various Korean Music Awards and even appeared in a Netflix production. Their music uses traditional singing techniques and spices them up with New Wave elements. That they are visiting Moods as headliners on their first European tour is of course a huge pleasure. Thursday, 09.11.23 - Friday, 10.11.23 Solar Music Festival
What the Adalu cultural association conjures up on the Moods stage never ceases to amaze and inspire me. In this year's Solar Festival we'll get to see Gilsons, the children and grandchildren of the legendary Gilberto Gil. Personally, though, I'm mostly anticipating Bala Desejo: The Latin Grammy Winners of 2022. Sunday, 12.11.23: Leyla McCalla
2017 was the last time Leyla McCalla performed at Moods and her concert touched me so much that I absolutely have to see her again. A mixture of Creole music, American jazz and folk; earthy, elegant, soulful and funny.  Friday, 17.11.23: On The Corner Label Night 
The London based label OntheCorner celebrates its 10th anniversary. We take this as an opportunity to invite the intrepid label boss Pete and present his versatile work. Kicking things off will be psyche-jazz and punk-funk newcomers Champagne Dub (led by Betamax from "Comet is Coming") and US-based (straight out of Le Guess Who Festival) Sunken Cages. As DJ, Pete will continue the evening with his Interstellar House Parties and Mangrove Shakedowns throughout the series. (Then in the spring, an evening with BCUC is planned, followed later by Collecutor. More on that when the time comes). Sunday, 19.11.23 WITCH
Of course, the story of WITCH is very charming: The Rolling Stones from Zambia, practically forgotten, now rediscovered, happy ending, nice. But I'm just as enthusiastic about the cooperation partners: Jacco Gardner, whose music I fell in love with in 2013 (and then completely forgot about for some inexplicable reason); Nic Mauskovic from the Mauskovic Dance Band. So this has the potential to be an unforgettable evening... Thursday, 23.11.23: Fendika & K-Sanchis
Even when I was in Ethiopia in 2010, there was no way around the "Fendika" club and its charismatic house band. I am therefore grateful that Jeroen Visser, who lives in Zurich, has initiated this collaboration and that they will be launching their fantastic album at Moods.(By the way, there's also Family concert on Saturday, 18.11.23). Tuesday, 28.11.23: Dominique Fils-Aimé
For a long time I thought that the song "Strange Fruit" by Billy Holliday couldn't be covered. Then Dominique Fils-Aimé came along and proved me wrong. She's been on the Moods program three times since then, three times I've almost burst with anticipation, three times her concert has been cancelled. But as we all know, all good things come in fours...