A few words for Christmas

Isabelle Tschäppeler12-19-20236 min. read

Dear Moods guest

The temperatures have dropped, the first snow has fallen, I've already had my first snow fight and my first mulled wine binge. In short, the festive season is just around the corner and so it's time for a few final but also forward-looking words. In 2023, we were able to present you with many new, well-known and unknown musicians. From young, up-and-coming talents to musicians with legendary status and every now and then something completely new and exciting to discover. For me personally, the festive season is a time for reflection, with a balancing act between tradition and novelty. That's exactly what we do at Moods. Moods is closed on the public holidays themselves. But before, after and in the new year, there will be all kinds of musical gems as always.

Shortly before the holidays

Sat, 23. December Raphael Jost’s Swingin’ Christmas for families in the afternoon and Raphael Jost’s Swingin’ Christmas «Lindy Hop Evening» inclusive a Lindy Hop crash course
Tradition 1: If you want to do some "sport" just before Christmas and thus before the gluttony, the best time is on Sat, 23 December at Raphael Jost. Either with the little ones for a family afternoon or with the grown-ups in the evening. Here you can dance Lindy Hop and celebrate the 10th anniversary at the same time. If you still can't memorise the steps (like me), you can come to the free Lindy Hop crash course by Tanzwolke before the concert in the evening.

All Swingin' Christmas events

  • teilbestuhlt / partially seated - 10 Year Anniversary

    • Raphael Jost's Swingin' Christmas

  • Family Concert

    10 Year Anniversary

    • Raphael Jost's Swingin' Christmas für Familien

  • 10 Year Anniversary

    • Lindy Hop Crashkurs by Tanzwolke

  • 10 Year Anniversary

    • Raphael Jost's Swingin' Christmas - Lindy Hop Dancing Night


After the holidays

Wed, 27. December JazzBaragge Wednesday Jam – The Vice-President’s Holy Groove Jam
Tradition 2: Not only the JazzBaragge is a tradition at Moods, but also the "Holy Groove Jam" after the holidays. The president or, this time, the vice-president of the club plays here. Every year, this club manages to attract the young, local jazz scene and is also a hot insider tip for Tinder dates. Psst!
Thu, 28. December Kyoto Jazz Massive
New 1: For the second time, Moods is teaming up with Spirit Music Society and thus with Tim from the Zurich bar Kasheme. The Kyoto Jazz Massive was founded over 30 years ago by the brothers Shūya and Yoshihiro Okino and discovered by Gilles Peterson. The music here ranges from jazz funk to broken beat and soulful house.
Thu, 28. December Simon & Tobias Lanz / Martina Berther / Philipp Schlotter – at Wasserkirche
News 2: For a long time, we've fancied a concert in the Wasserkirche right by the Münsterbrücke in District 1. I've seen lots of great concerts and performances here. And as it turns out, I'm obviously not the only one who thinks this place is great, because it was quite difficult to get a free date. Martina Berther has recorded an organ album together with Philipp Schlotter, which of course fits perfectly in a church. And Simon & Tobias Lanz present an ambient set of brass music.
Sun, 31. December Silvester Bashment by Afrobeats Explosion & Dancehall Mood
Tradition 3: As in any good club, the obligatory New Year's Eve party is of course a must at Moods. Since last year, the two longest-serving parties at Moods have joined forces to present a mix of Afrobeats, reggae and dancehall. And: we are already open before midnight so that you can toast together. 

Events between the holidays

    • JazzBaragge Wednesday Jam – Special: The Vice-President's Holy Jam

  • Album Release «Arches» in der Wasserkirche

    • Simon und Tobias Lanz

      ExperimentalJazzExperimental Jazz
  • Album Release «Matt» in der Wasserkirche

    • Martina Berther / Philipp Schlotter

      ExperimentalJazzExperimental Jazz
  • Kyoto Jazz Massive

    Moods & Spirit Music Society present

    • Jazz Modern Creative
    • Global Sounds
    • Asia
  • Masterclass & Interview with Kyoto Jazz Massive

    Moods & Spirit Music Society present

    • Jazz Modern Creative
    • Modern Creative Jazz
    • Fusion
  • Jur Records

    • Living Room Session with Adam F & MC Darrison and Kirsty Hawkshaw

      Electronic / PartyElectronicParty
  • Afrobeats Explosion & Dancehall Mood present

    • Silvester Bashment

      Electronic / PartyGlobal SoundsAfrobeatsPartyReggae / Ska


New Year traditions

For several years now, the Moods year has started with Los Dos, Erika Stucky and the James Brown Tribute Show. And we're continuing this tradition in 2024. Because what should you change when it's running like a well-oiled engine? Exactly, nothing. 
Thu, 4. January Los Dos En Gros
Tradition 4: Hansueli Tischhauser and his cronies come in jungle blues-engros and move between swamp blues, zydeco twist, Hawaiian garage and waltz punk. 
Sat, 6. January James Brown Tribute Show
Tradition 5: You can swing your hips to the sound of the Godfather of Soul to kick off the year. 
Sun, 7. January Stucky’s Ice Orkestra feat. We Spoke
Tradition 6: Erika Stucky will continue on a somewhat darker note next year. On the Aletsch Glacier, she has recorded the roar of rock and water and interwoven it with prayers for the dead from the villages. 

New Year traditions

    • Los Dos En Gros

      Global SoundsSoul / Blues / FunkBluesAmerica
    • James Brown Tribute Show

      Soul / Blues / FunkFunkSoul
    • Stucky's Ice Orkestra feat. We Spoke

      Jazz Modern CreativeGlobal SoundsVocal JazzModern Creative JazzNeue Schweizer Volksmusik


A few personal highlights at the start of the New Year

Fri, 12. January -Ous Labelnight presented by Moods & Helsinki: Noémi Büchi, Manuel Oberholzer & Musique Inifnie
New 3: The label -Ous is the shining star of the experimental, electronic Zurich scene. For many years (previously under a different name), the makers of this label have been skilfully navigating the spheres between underground and club culture. This time, Noémi Büchi, an exceptional artist, is on board. According to SRF3, she creates "the classical music of the future". Manuel Oberholzer, himself a sound inventor and member of the Encor collective, which stands for ultra-modern visual installations all over the world, will be playing before and after her. 
Sun, 14. Januar y+ Mon, 15. January – Suisse Diagonales Jazz with Bureau Bureau, Okwok and Emilio Giovanoli Quintet & Ravi Ramsahye PROTOTYPE
Tradition 7: Every two years, the jazz association Suisse Diagonales Jazz selects musicians from all over Switzerland to tour Swiss jazz clubs for several days. Many of these musicians go on to become well-known names in the scene or are included in Pro Helvetia's priority jazz promotion programme. This time, Moods will be hosting Bureau Bureau (ZKB Jazz Prize winning band 2022), the modern jazz trio Okwok, the Ticino double bassist Emilio Giovanoli with his quintet and the result of an eclectic symbiosis PROTOTYPE. 
Sat, 27. January – Psychedelic Music Explosion: Shkoon
The duo consisting of the German Thorben and the Syrian refugee Ameen inspire people all over the world with their Arabic electro-folk. The band mixes beautiful Arabic poetry, melodramatic melodies and traditional folk songs with downbeat deep house, dub and hip hop. 

My personal highlights

  • -OUS Labelnight presented by Moods & Helsinki

    • Noémi Büchi

      Electronic / PartyExperimental
  • -OUS Labelnight presented by Moods & Helsinki

    • Manuel Oberholzer (Feldermelder)

      Electronic / PartyExperimentalElectronic
  • -OUS Labelnight presented by Moods & Helsinki

    • Musique Infinie

      ExperimentalElectronic / PartyElectronicElectronic JazzExperimental Jazz
  • Suisse Diagonales Jazz

    • Bureau Bureau

      JazzExperimentalExperimental Jazz
  • Suisse Diagonales Jazz

    • Okwok

      JazzJazz Modern Creative
  • Ravi Ramsahye PROTOTYPE

    • Jazz Modern Creative
    • Modern Creative Jazz
  • Emilio Giovanoli Quintet

    • Jazz
    • Modern Creative Jazz
    • Contemporary Jazz
  • Psychedelic Music Explosion

    Moods & jazzhane present

    • Shkoon – Masrahiya Album Tour

      Global SoundsElectronic / PartyAnatoliaElectronic


And for those with a hole in their wallet, we have selected 5 concerts for which you can get in for 25 Stutz (+ discounts available):

Fri, 5. January – MingBauSet
Free improvisation is MingBauSet's thing. MingBauSet oscillates through noise zones and fantasy languages in poetic impromptu songs. 
Fri, 12. January -Ous Labelnight presented by Moods & Helsinki: Noémi Büchi, Manuel Oberholzer & Musique Inifnie
More on this above :) 
Tue, 23. January – Dig Dug Dug Trio
Dig dug dug dig tirelessly into the depths of new musical territory and place openness, groove and listening at the centre of a music that consists of immediate interactions. 
Tue, 13. February – Michael Fehr & Rico Baumann
Four hands, two drums, one voice. This is Tom Waits with the mojo but without the booze. With relish but precision, Michael Fehr illuminates the spectrum of the all-too-human and the interpersonal. 
Sat, 17. February – Miss C-Line & The Rabidz
Miss C-Line makes music somewhere inside and outside of rap, jazz and neo-soul. She says: "Jazz is a genre and rap is a form of expression. It doesn't matter what form I express myself in, but I want to express myself." 

For everyone with a small wallet

    • MingBauSet

      JazzExperimentalJazz Modern CreativeExperimental Jazz
  • -OUS Labelnight presented by Moods & Helsinki

    • Noémi Büchi

      Electronic / PartyExperimental
  • -OUS Labelnight presented by Moods & Helsinki

    • Manuel Oberholzer (Feldermelder)

      Electronic / PartyExperimentalElectronic
  • -OUS Labelnight presented by Moods & Helsinki

    • Musique Infinie

      ExperimentalElectronic / PartyElectronicElectronic JazzExperimental Jazz
    • Dig Dug Dug Trio

      JazzClassic Jazz
    • Michael Fehr & Rico Baumann

      Soul / Blues / FunkJazzGroove JazzBlues
  • MISS C-LINE & The Rabidz

    • Soul / Blues / Funk
    • Rap / R'n'B / Brass
    • Jazz
    • Neo Soul
    • Rap

 If you've made it this far, I hope your festive season and New Year turn out the way you want them to be: quiet and relaxing, sporty, dancing or a mixture somewhere in between. I hope to see you at Moods in the new year with the same or even better vigour. I myself will be travelling to West Papua shortly before the New Year. A dream I've been harbouring for some time - taking part in a marine expedition in the Raja Ampat Marine Park - is coming true. Or maybe not quite: unfortunately the boat caught fire at the beginning of December and they are currently looking for another vessel. But either way: At least I'll make it to the Raja Ampat Marine Park - with Marine Expedition or without. Anyone who would like to have a little (or long) nerd talk about marine animals with me after my return is welcome to do so at any time!On that note, happy holidays and a happy new year!