Numbers? Numbers! Find out what was going on at Moods last year

Isabelle Tschäppeler06-05-20231 min. read

How many artists performed at Moods in 2022? How many of them live in Switzerland? And how many members does Moods actually have? All these questions and many more are answered in our annual report 2022.

The year 2022 was marked by three big topics: the rebirth, the 30th anniversary and the relaunch of our website. Our annual report gives you the perfect overview of Mood's activities in 2022.Visit our general assembly on Friday, 16 June. In addition to the presentation of the annual report, the annual accounts and balance sheet will be presented, the first names for the autumn will be introduced, votes will be cast and afterwards we will toast with each other over a rich aperitif.
Key facts:
Date: Friday, 16. June 2023
When: from 18h
Where: Moods
Other activities: rich aperitif
Registration: please register briefly via so that we know approximately how many will be attending the aperitif.
All persons who have purchased a subscription for 2022 are entitled to vote.
Documents (German only):

How many musicians performed at Moods in 2022?

Guess 1

1555 musicians played at Moods

How many members does Moods have?

Guess 2

867 does Moods have

How many mails have reached Moods in December 2022?

Guess 3

8389 mails have reached Moods in December 2022

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