Mareille Merck LARUS

«A musical flight over busy beaches, vast fields, rocky coasts and deserted islands»

Mareille Merck Guitar, CompositionFlorian Bolliger BassJanic Haller Drum Kit
The concert had to be cancelled at short notice due to illness.

Three young musicians who set out on a journey together. In their luggage? A good portion of courage, a sense of adventure and a willingness to take risks. The companions? Eventful compositions and dissolute improvisations. Sometimes you feel embraced by warm sounds, almost weightless, then you find yourself in the middle of a hurricane or at the bottom of a deep, dark lake. Top and bottom are interchanged, the rush of speed thunders in the ears. If you stagger back into silence, whispering dialogues of the instruments draw pictures of an enchanted world. Just as Larus, the herring gull, flies over the most diverse landscapes, Mareille Merck, Florian Bolliger and Janic Haller carry us with their music over busy beaches, wide fields, rocky coasts and the odd desert island.

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