Carte Blanche Festival

Linda Vogel

Linda & Lukas Vogel

«Between chopped up beats, distorted violin-like sounds and cutting metallic spectra.»

Linda Vogel EFX, Harp, VocalsLukas Vogel Modular, Synthesizer
Few classical instruments are as clichéd as the harp: This instrument of the gods is said to sound sensual, harmonious, fragile, even ethereal. But Swiss musician Linda Vogel proves that the harp can also produce quite different sounds as well.

Together with her brother Lukas Vogel, who is part of the internationally successful piano-electronica duo Grandbrothers, she now takes a much more powerful, darker, industrial approach. Using synthesizers and effect devices, electronic and acoustic, machine and organic, strings and oscillators merge - always carried by a third instrument that runs through the songs: Linda Vogel's voice, dark, repetitive, hypnotic.

Attend all three evenings with the Carte Blanche Festival Pass for CHF 49, which you can book via our ticketing portal.

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