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BlauBlau Records Takeover

BlauBlau Records Takeover


Réka Csiszér Electronics
The Bernzürch music bureau BlauBlau Records and Moods spin delicate threads for one evening.
Réka Csiszér studied at the Institute for Infinity, where you can't graduate and where you have to teach yourself everything in general. She studied nightmare and daydream and managed to reconcile them in a world she imagined. As VÍZ she presents her first solo album via BlauBlau Records. "Veils" consists of seven pieces. One for the small earth and the ether. One for existing and artificiality. One for grandmother Jozefina and her clairvoyance. One for decay. One for forgiveness. One for the new beginning. And one for the circle.

Hora Lunga

Tapiwa Svosve SaxophonMiao Zhao ClarinetFiona Fiasco BassLucien Badoux BassVincent Glanzmann Drum KitHora Lunga Synthesizer
Riding through the desert of southern Italy on a Peugeot gasoline steed. In the background of the picture, the car grill glows greasily. A strange spaghetti western unfolds as a melancholy fantasy. A kind of coming-of-age spaghetti movie, because your lips are made up with pellati blood. You're in between times. The old hero is dead, but we stole his guitar and seven shots. Premise: Decadence horny, defeatism only the old - when you say eclecticism, you cough up the letters and I always say: huh? Nobody lies at the swimming pool, but the wind. And Lana Del Rey gets Hollywood chewing gum at the 24-hour store on Langstrasse. It's all true because it's immortalized on mini-DV, we'd just have to edit it.

Hora Lunga had time. Had said goodbye first, to be able to start again with this and that, catching single images, hanging single tones in melodies on the blue synthesizer apparatus. And he almost got away with it alone.

Jerusalem In My Heart

Radwan Ghazi Moumneh MusicErin Weisgerber Visuals
On multiple levels, Jerusalem In My Heart weaves an immersive, multimedia work supported by uncompromising political urgency. The audiovisual project by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and Erin Weisgerber combines ancient video technology with traditional Arabic vocals, buzuq, and a modern sonority.
The current album "Qalaq_" was released via Constellation Records in October 2021 and features collaborations with a variety of artist:s including Moor Mother, Tim Hecker, Lucrecia Dalt, Greg Fox, and VÍZ. "Qalaq" is an Arabic word and is translated by Moumneh as "deep concern" - a deep concern on various universal levels, but specifically related to his country of origin, Lebanon, its collapsing domestic politics, economy, infrastructure, and geopolitics.
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